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Coaching Calls

Live 1 on 1 Assistance From Nurse Mo

Every business is unique and requires different levels of assistance. In this initial meeting we can discuss your personal goals, get you motivated in areas where you have a mental blockage or obstacles. In this conversation I give you feedback on the next steps to take to establishing, developing or expanding your brand. I will also provide you with further resources who can assist you to your journey to success. I then assess the need for further instruction.

Online Learning

Get inspired, organized and move purposely all in the comfort of your home.

Experience my unique online webinars formulated from the requests of my audience. 4 unique lessons that can be purchased as a bundle or separately.

Social Media Strategizing

90 Day Social Media Plan To Grow Your Online Presence

Allow myself and team to manage your social media for 90 days, and watch your following grow. We can be as hands-on as you will allow us; with content curation and engagement boosting. We provide you with the tools you need to create better quality images, photos and current algorithm tricks. No followers will be purchased all following will be acquired organically.

Promotional Services

Grow With Nurse Mo

Promote your products or services  with one or multiple of my online channels. Allow me to create an original campaign to boost your sales, event attendance or expand your audience. All collaborations are subject to approval.

Motivational Speaker

Book Me To Speak at Your Next Event

Allow me to captivate, inspire, motivate and uplift your audience.